Commercial Electrician Perth

Liffey Electrical manages the electrical maintenance of a number of properties, including commercial buildings, factories & warehouses, and residential stratas.

Our experience has seen us fit out restaurants and shopping centres, fix electricals in hospitals and schools, and re wire churches and office buildings.

Commercial electrician Perth

If you own or operate a commercial space, it’s paramount your electrical wiring and circuits are checked regularly to ensure they are safe and comply with regulations.
We must get to know our clients personally before we begin any job. As a result of this strategic approach, we can precisely price the job and complete the project on schedule.
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Safety system maintenance

Testing and tagging electrical equipment for commercial buildings is a service we easily provide.
Our commercial Electrician Perth can also carry out certified safety inspections and reports, conduct preventive maintenance, and check safety equipment, such as smoke alarms, is working.

Electrical fit outs for offices and factories

It’s common to be given a shell of a building in the handover of a commercial lease, and bespoke lighting can truly help to make the building your own.
Whether you need overhead desk lighting for office spaces, or bright safety lighting for warehouse operation, our Commercial Electrician Perth can help you select and install the appropriate electrical fittings for your space.
The ambience of your workplace can be determined by its lighting, so if you want to create a productive space for your employees, it’s worth considering your lighting design.
If you’re looking for Commercial Electrician Perth who’ll deliver on time and to budget, then get in touch with us for a free quote.
Commercial Electricians Services

Commercial Electricians Services

Our Commercial Electrician Perth work

We are happy to come on-site and provide you with a free quote and project timeframe before the work begins, ensuring you stick to budget and complete the job on time.

Saving energy (and money) in large commercial spaces

Our friendly team of Commercial Electrician Perth is happy to have a chat with you about how you can reduce large electricity bills for your business, suggesting where lighting systems can be upgraded to save money.

This includes installing automated lighting that’s activated solely when it’s needed, and switching your halogen lighting over to LED systems.

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