EV Charging Installation Perth

Have you recently purchased an electric vehicle (EV) and want to charge it at home?
While you can buy an adapter and plug it into the wall of your garage, it’ll only get you about 15km of range per hour of charge.
By EV Charging Installation Perth, you can expect to charge your EV a lot faster.
An EV charge point can be customised depending on the power levels on the circuit breaker within your home, allowing you to charge your vehicle up to five times quicker than a regular outlet.

What to consider when EV Charging Installation Perth at home

Ev Charging in perth
When choosing an EV charger for your vehicle, it’s important to have an understanding of how the system works. Firstly, the equipment works by pushing household electrical currents to your on-board charger, which stores the energy inside your car’s battery.
Secondly, there are different levels of chargers – some are very high-voltage and fast charging, but these are expensive and are better used in commercial situations, like at shopping centres.
It’s also worth considering installing solar panels to assist with your electricity costs; otherwise you might be shocked by your next energy bill.
We will fully test your EV charge once it’s installed, providing you with the right certifications and ensuring you’re safely connected to the unit to get you maximum results.
Ev Charging in perth

Installing a commercial EV charger at your workplace

Are you a forward-thinking business and considering installing a commercial EV charger at your shopping centre, office or warehouse? Having an EV chargepoint can help you retain innovative staff and attract environmentally-conscious clients.

Plus, by installing an EV chargepoint, you can list your business on websites and apps such as the RAC interactive EV charging stations map, giving your brand greater visibility.

EV Charging Installation Perth FAQs

Our team can discuss the different options available on the market with you, and explain what types would suit your vehicle. We will also give you a unit pricing and installation quote up front.
Liffey can install your EV charge point for a reasonable price, in a timely manner and make sure it runs without a glitch.
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