Split System A/C Perth

Don’t leave it to a 40 degree day to realise your Split System A/C Perth unit is on the blink. Get in while the heat is still manageable, and call us over to make sure your air conditioning will keep you cool this summer.
If you don’t yet have AC installed in your home, firstly – as a fair-skinned Irishman who melts in the midday sun – I salute you.
Secondly – if you’re on this page, I’m glad you’re ready to embrace being comfortable this Aussie summer.
We can supply and install leading AC brands to keep you cool in the hotter months (and warmer in the winter with their split cycle functionality).
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Get Comfort through Liffey AC Installation Services

Residential Electrician Services

Air conditioning maintenance

Get Comfort through Liffey AC Installation Services
Over time, your Split System A/C Perth unit can become clogged with dirt and dust and studies show for optimum performance it’s best to clean your unit every two weeks.
It’s important to clean the filters inside the unit a few times a year too, as these can build up with moisture and even develop mould.
We recommend getting your Split System A/C Perth unit serviced once a year, as regular maintenance leads to better operating efficiency and lower running costs. Plus, it’ll ensure your unit isn’t getting clogged and releasing harmful spores into the air.

What do we do during a Split System A/C Perth service?

When servicing your air conditioning unit, we do a thorough job to ensure it continues to operate efficiently.
Air Conditioning Installation
Our team will complete the following tasks during a typical service of Split System A/C Perth:
Air Conditioning Installation

By keeping up-to-date with regular air conditioning maintenance, you’ll be saving money.

Not only does regular servicing ensure your AC unit lasts as long as possible – even for more than 15 years in some cases – but it also reduces your energy bills because your unit won’t struggle when churning out that lush cool air.
Want to book a Split System A/C Perth service or get a quote on a split system AC installation? Reach out to us today.

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