Upgrades You Should Make to Your Home Immediately

There are numerous decisions to be made whether you are building, remodeling, or renovating a home. When it comes to enhancing usability, safety, and energy efficiency, electrical renovations are among the most successful projects (not to mention property value).

The electrical system in older homes is probably still in place, which could be dangerous for you and your family.

Fortunately, a skilled electrician like those from Liffey Electrical can easily upgrade your electrical system. Your electrician can quickly examine the electrical system in your home and determine which components need to be changed. You might want to start by giving the following electrical improvements top priority:

Protected By A GFCI Outlet

Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets are specifically made to identify a difference between the amount of electricity flowing into the circuit and that flowing out. The outlet detects that something may be getting shocked in this situation. It immediately shuts off the electricity to avoid serious harm and electrocutions.

When moisture contacts an electrical outlet, GFCIs trip immediately. GFCI outlets offer a clear safety advantage since the water might result in a ground fault, which could set off an electric shock or even a fire. They are, in fact, a legal prerequisite for any new construction or refurbishment.

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Surge Protection for the Entire Home

Surge protectors for the entire house function similarly to nightclub bouncers in letting good people in a while keeping evil people out. Surge protectors prevent high voltages from getting to plugged-in devices and appliances by acting as a barrier. This can easily prevent “overload damage” to your appliances or even electrocution when you reach out to plug something in.

Further Outlets

A good idea, especially if you have the circuit capacity, is to add outlets. They can stay away from overloading current outlets or using extension cords. Outlets featuring USB ports for gadget charging are smart choices. You won’t require USB adapters for your smart phones, tablets, and laptops.

Most people use extension cords as a remedy when there aren’t enough outlets in a room to handle the demand. Unfortunately, overloading an extension cord can quickly result in an electrical fire or a short circuit. Ask an electrician to add more outlets if you believe the number of outlets in a particular room is insufficient for your needs.

These are just a few electrical improvements you should make if you’re moving into an older house. To guarantee your safety and your family’s safety, you might also want to discuss with your electrician whether your home requires any additional electrical changes.

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LED Lighting

Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are recognized for their high-quality lighting and energy efficiency. Additionally, they have a much longer lifespan than halogen, compact fluorescent, or incandescent lighting systems. Since LED lighting is so energy-efficient, minimal heat is produced. Your electricity bill may go down after installing this relatively low-cost indoor or outdoor lighting upgrade.

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